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A Culture of Spending Part 4 - Council as the only reliable parents.

The council requests a renewal of the "School Focused Youth Services Program". This program "supports young people with complex needs or emerging mental health issues to remain engaged in learning". It's key strength is explained as being "a holistic community approach with the development of strong local partnerships between schools and the broader community".

So if some professional says your child has 'emerging' mental health issues, there will be a 'holistic community approach' and involvement by the 'broader community'. In short, your private family problems will probably be broadcast to every 'helper' in the community and most likely to later schools your child will attend.

So by a single decision, you endanger your child's chances for possibly the next 15 years. 

[Just a note on the term 'holistic'. This is not wholistic. Holistic has to do with the healing systems that are considered alternative like homeopathy and Ayurveda that deal with the human body as an interconnected whole.]

Note the reason given is 'for your child to remain engaged in learning'. This suggests this is being done so your child can continue learning in a positive environment at school. And hopefully this is the case. But that is not what the Manningham council web site says. They take a much broader view of their role.

"Target Group: Children and young people aged 10-18 years, the program aims to reach "at risk" young people that are vulnerable to and affected by a range of factors likely to impede their successful transition to a fulfilling adult life."

It seems that Manningham council wants to take over your role as parents. They interpret 'to keep the child engaged in learning' much more broadly and as a result have a greatly expanded view of their own importance in your child's life.

These are Manningham council's objectives as Manningham council sees them:

  • Facilitating and supporting local networks

  • Providing Individual support to vulnerable young people

  • Providing secondary consultation to assist schools to link vulnerable young people to local service providers.

  • Providing programs addressing local need including a Martial Arts Therapy Program

  • Developing a regional website of youth services

  • Providing short term clinical support to address school refusal and mental health concerns in young people.

The first thing we can see from the above points is the possible council staff positions that would be effected if the program did not continue.

Second, we see that Manningham council has every intention of getting involved with private family matters, not to mention publishing these matters to other 'helpers' in the community.

I, on the other hand, think all this should be managed by parents and the private doctors they go to for help.

Quite a bit of money could be saved if Manningham council they kept their noses out the whole matter and left it to parents.


On a related matter. I have found that a good way for parents to demonstrate their love for their children and build a constructive and helpful bond that will last a lifetime, is to provide help, guidance and advice to their children with their most difficult personal problems and during times of greatest worry.

This certainly has been the case between my daughter and myself. We have had many talks and discussions about difficulties with boyfriends, self inflicted wounding going on at school and other problems. This has built a strong and lasting bond of trust, respect and dependability between us.

Handing all this over to cold, unconcerned, ever-changing, wage-driven 'professionals' is a great mistake and a terrible lost opportunity.


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