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A Culture of Spending Part 8 - Others should work harder, not the council

This is a very good example of the wasteful and arrogant way in which our council operates.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is concerned about the increasing cost of the national census. Good on them! I applaud them for their concerns. To control costs, the ABS wants to undertake the census once every 10 years instead of every 5.

This, off course, is totally unacceptable to our council. For them, the ABS must not be allowed to do this! Apparently census data is vitally important to Manningham council for them to make 'evidence informed decisions'. (I would argue that many of Manningham council's decisions are actually driven by their own self interest).

But their dependence upon ABS census data shows just how detached from reality Manningham council really is. Most managers in the private sector who have considered purchasing ABS data for marketing, etc. appreciate that it cannot always be relied on. They understand that people generally understate their income on the census and use the census to apply pressure on the government.

The census data is not always what you think it is. At a very fundamental level large sections of it are inaccurate, distorted or biased .

But Manningham council does not understand this. Apparently they rely heavily on it's biased information in their planning process.

But not when it doesn't suite them.

They do not rely on ABS salary data when it comes to setting council rates. The ABS data does not suite their purposes when it comes to their outrageous rate increases. And so Manningham council fabricate their own figures.


Elsewhere on this web side I debunk the Manningham Council statement that Average Weekly Earnings increased by 4.5% (which by implication justified their 4.5% rate increase). I clearly demonstrate that the ABS data show no such thing. Instead, it does show that wages and salaries  for ordinary people increased far less than Manningham council's fabricated statistic.

It appears that Manningham council does not want anything to do with 'evidence informed decisions using ABS data' when it comes to getting money from the ratepayers.

When it comes to getting money from ratepayers, they make up their own numbers.


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