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Thursday, 11.15.2018
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4:27 PM
A New Type of Policing in Manningham.

I was reading through the minutes of various committees run by Manningham Council and came across this which I thought people may be interested in.

As you may know there is an 'Equity and Advisory Committee' organised by Manningham council.

I am not against such things. If I were a new-comer to a strange country it would be good to have someone interested in my well being.

However, the minutes of the meeting of this committee for 3 August 2015 had this entry.


"Items Considered:

  1. Information and Q&A session on multicultural and multifaith policing in Manningham and the region" (See page 16, Record of Assembly of Councillors – October 2015).


What is this 'policing' they are talking about?

That sounds a bit Orwellian to me.

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