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Sunday, 03.18.2018
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Please refer to Manningham Council's 'Council Plan 2012-2017' and 'Financial Strategy 2013-2023' documents.

Our council keeps telling us about their prudent management, their financial stability and their financial sustainability. These are all very impressive but what they mean is not ... Read more »

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Please see Manningham's 'Council Plan 2012-2017' and 'Financial Strategy 2013-2023'.

Our council pads the invoices, fiddles numbers and rounds numbers up to maximize the money they take from ratepayers.

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Please see Manningham's 'Council Plan 2012-2017' and 'Financial Strategy 2013-2023' and also the prior years budget.

When an unplanned expense comes up, what does our council do? Turn to the ratepayers again and bill them for it, off course!

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Please see Manningham's 'Council Plan 2013-2017' and 'Financial Strategy 2013-2023'.

The State Government pushes Manningham Council to reduce costs. Manningham Council uses words like 'efficiency' and 'value' and say they have achieved a 1% efficiency gain but this efficiency gain is totally meaningless and irr ... Read more »

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You may have read this article in the Manningham Leader on page 7, June 26, 2013.

Here is some background to t ... Read more »

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Please see the  Manningham Leader article below. 

Manningham City Council gave $36,547 of our rate money to a campaign fund to convince us to vote the way they want in a future referendum to change the Australian Constitution.

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And the V.E.C. are very reluctant to accept responsibility for it.



As you may be aware, several news article ... Read more »

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Planning policy at both state and local level is driven by environmental issues.


'Urban Sprawl'

The notion of 'urban sprawl' ... Read more »

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I have been told that the Manningham Leader newspaper receives funding from the Manningham Council. This would explain why the Manningham Leader newspaper is little more than the public relations arm of the Manningham Council.

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The Manningham City Council has set aside $40,000 of our money for a project that some key people are beginning to openly admit is a lost cause.

A member of Manningham Council's Doncaster Rail Advocacy Committee thinks that the State Go ... Read more »

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