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Friday, 03.23.2018
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There is a lot of evidence to indicate that the Manningham Council's operating budget is massively inflated due to widespread, poor management.


Managers who can only manage the status quo. ... Read more »

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Comparing the council's capital works budget with things we are familiar with in the private sector, we get the impression that costs for the council are out of control.

Please see the 2013/14 capital works budget document. Appendix C itemizes the b ... Read more »

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The State Government promised it would commission a study to look into the feasibility of building the Doncaster Rail Line - which it did. However the results of this study do not provide good justification to build the rail line.



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Are we building a civic and cultural centerpiece - or a retirement village?

If you read the planning cases that find their way into VCAT, you get a good idea of what Doncaster Hill will look like in the future:< ... Read more »

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A former Councillor defends an elderly resident and her pet from the heavy handedness of council employees.

The following is a transcript of a question put to Council and the reply received during 'Questions from the Pub ... Read more »

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At great cost, a developer went through a long process with Manningham council to ensure his building proposal conformed to all council regulations. The council actually said, in writing, that his final plans conformed to all council requirements and then .... they refused him planning approval!
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