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Sunday, 10.21.2018
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Could Manningham Council reduce the rate burden of all residents?

Yes I think they could and I think they could do so easily.


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The plan to promote business at Tunstall Square.

Manningham council says it wants to help promote business at the Tunstall Square shopping center.

To do this, our council is collecting a special le ... Read more »

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As you may be aware, Manningham Council has a loan of around $7.9m with the Commonwealth bank to cover a shortfall in their staff superannuation fund.


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At the October 29, 2013 meeting, Manningham Council again raised the issue of the Prevention of Violence Against Women and presented a document called "Manningham Prevention of Violence Against Women Strategy and Action Plan 2013/2017".

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Manningham council recently reduced the size of the heritage overlay over the eastern golf course property. The heritage overlay used to cover the entire property, that is all 116 acres. The new heritage overlay now protects an area of just around 1 acre.

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Like most surveys conducted in the business world today, their real purpose is to prove to your boss that you are doing your job well and they should continue to employ you, or better still, give you a pay rise.

This survey is no different. But what strikes me about this one commissioned by the Department of ... Read more »

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It seems when privately owned property has a significant environmental value, the environmental controls on it are rigidly enforced. Yet when there is native vegetation on council land, the council barely does it's job.


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Development overlays are strictly enforced for you and me, but when the council wants to do something, overlays can be surprisingly flexible.


The Heritage Overlay on the Eastern Golf Course Site.

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The Labor state government under John Brumby, with Justin Madden as planning minister, introduced the "Melbourne 2030 and Melbourne @ 5 Million" plan. This plan slated high density development along all train, tram and bus corridors. The goal was for population growth to occur in the existing metropolitan area and remove pressure on green areas on the ... Read more »

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There are many topics addressed in the Manningham Community Safety Plan 2013 - 2017, but a main focus is prevention of violence against women.

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