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Friday, 12.14.2018
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After having read some 613 pages of council minutes from the meeting of 26 September 2017, I was faced with the problem of what to do.

After reading the section in the minutes regarding the flood overlays, you get a good idea of how this 'computerized flood modelling' works. I won't pretend to be an expert but I thought it may be helpf ... Read more »

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If you were preparing a "Integrated Public Transport Strategy" for Manningham, what would you would include in it?

I think I would include information such as anticipated growth in the number of public transport users, peak usage times and numbers, problems where there are not enough buses, shelters, etc. I would include problems such as ... Read more »

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Please read the article below taken from page 1 of the Manningham Leader dated Aug 14, 2017.






		<!-- ... Read more »

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We have been here before. I have mentioned Manningham Councils selective listening in several articles on this website.

I would like to show that Manningham Council has not changed one iota. The counc ... Read more »

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Am I being over dramatic with the title?

Possibly not. Please read the Draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017 – 2021 in the minutes for the council meeting of 27 June 2017.

... Read more »

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Congratulations are due to all businesses at Warrandyte.

You have successfully avoided a completely unnecessary council tax.

... Read more »

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There appears to still be a lot of interest and concern about the accuracy of the flood maps presented at the 29 September 2015 council meeting.

I am of the view that there are significant errors in these flood maps. I gave my reasons regarding this in a prior article on this website called 'Flooding Nonse ... Read more »

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The state government is pressuring Councils to be more efficient and reduce costs. However Manningham Council is far too clever for the bureaucrats in the Victorian State Government.

First lets look at how Manningham Council complains about the ... Read more »

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Manningham council has tried to convince businesses in Warrandyte that they have the business 'savvy' to bring them together and assist them promote their businesses. They promise that business turnover will improve as a result of Manningham Council's involvement.

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Is that a bit harsh? Not really.

Under the local government act, Councils are able to compulsorily acqu ... Read more »

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