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Friday, 12.14.2018
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Manningham Council is again preparing to plunder businesses on the pretense that they are going to help and improve business opportunities for them. Manningham Council is planning to renew a 'Special Charge Scheme' for shops and businesses in Warrandyte.

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Do you remember the Fair Go Rates scheme promised by the State Government regarding our council rates for 2016/2017?

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I laughed when I saw this in the Manningham Council Annual Report for 2015/2016.

This graphic is taken from page 81.

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Manningham council is going to remake King street between Victoria Street and Blackburn road. It will be remade with kerb and channel, nature strips, driveways and footpaths. (Please see the minutes of the council meeting for 30 August 2016.)

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On this website, I often complain that Manningham council are unable to manage people, processes and costs. And I usually give examples of their shortcomings from the council's own documents.

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Every year Manningham council participates in a Community Satisfaction Survey.

I have commented on the two prior surveys, but this year, I just had to laugh.

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It's disappointing when people don't get on with each other.

That appears to be happening at Manningham Council.

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A while ago I wrote an article 'It's all your fault' which explained how the growing traffic congestion problems at Doncaster Hill were entirely the fault of Manningham Council.

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What do you think rates higher at Manningham Council?


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As you may be aware, the Victoria state government introduced the 'Fair Go Rates System' to start in 2016/2017. The purpose of this legislation is to keep our council rate increases at the same level as CPI, that is our rates are meant to increase at around 2.5% per year.

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