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Sunday, 03.18.2018
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Every year Manningham council participates in a Community Satisfaction Survey.

I have commented on the two prior surveys, but this year, I just had to laugh.

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It's disappointing when people don't get on with each other.

That appears to be happening at Manningham Council.

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A while ago I wrote an article 'It's all your fault' which explained how the growing traffic congestion problems at Doncaster Hill were entirely the fault of Manningham Council.

In brief, I mentioned that Manningham Council commissioned GTA Consultants ... Read more »

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What do you think rates higher at Manningham Council?


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As you may be aware, the Victoria state government introduced the 'Fair Go Rates System' to start in 2016/2017. The purpose of this legislation is to keep our council rate increases at the same level as CPI, that is our rates are meant to increase at around 2.5% per year.

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It is very enlightening to read the State Government's press release regarding the Fair Go Rating System. I will give it's full text below:

Council Rate Increases Capped To Inflation ... Read more »

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Manningham council has undermined promises the State Government made to the Victorian electorate. Instead of increasing rates by 2.5%, as the electorate was lead to believe, council rates for residential properties in 2016/17 will increase on average by 3.27%. While ... Read more »

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Please see pages 361 to 367 of the minutes for 29 March 2016 and page 1 of the Manningham Leader for 11 April 2016.

Manningham Council is getting desperate over traffic congestion at Doncaster Hill.

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Please read the Election Period Policy tabled in the 29 March 2016 council meeting.

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Yes, we have a secret society within Manningham Council.

As far as I know, they are not sacrificing goats at midnight but they could be starting something much more harmful. ... Read more »

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