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Friday, 12.15.2017
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As you may be aware, the Victoria state government introduced the 'Fair Go Rates System' to start in 2016/2017. The purpose of this legislation is to keep our council rate increases at the same level as CPI, that is our rates are meant to increase at around 2.5% per year.

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It is very enlightening to read the State Government's press release regarding the Fair Go Rating System. I will give it's full text below:

Council Rate Increases Capped To Inflation ... Read more »

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Manningham council has undermined promises the State Government made to the Victorian electorate. Instead of increasing rates by 2.5%, as the electorate was lead to believe, council rates for residential properties in 2016/17 will increase on average by 3.27%. While ... Read more »

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Please see pages 361 to 367 of the minutes for 29 March 2016 and page 1 of the Manningham Leader for 11 April 2016.

Manningham Council is getting desperate over traffic congestion at Doncaster Hill.

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Please read the Election Period Policy tabled in the 29 March 2016 council meeting.

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Yes, we have a secret society within Manningham Council.

As far as I know, they are not sacrificing goats at midnight but they could be starting something much more harmful. ... Read more »

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How can you tell the difference between real science and junk science? How do you know when you are being conned?

A good scientist will ask questions about everything. For them, all things can be questioned. All things are open to investigation. Differe ... Read more »

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Please read the 'Plan Melbourne Refresh Submission Form' which is available from the council website for the council meeting on Feb 2, 2016.

Manningham council is dominated by one big worry – the environ ... Read more »

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Let me explain what happens.


How the scam works.

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Some people are standing up to the heavy-handed and deceptive tactics of Manningham City Council.

As you may be aware, Manningham Council runs special charge schemes for several shopping areas. Basical ... Read more »

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