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Sunday, 07.22.2018
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The Federal and State governments fund part of a 'Univeral Access to Early Childhood Education Program' (page 1009,  minutes of 21 April 2015 ... Read more »

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The council requests a renewal of the "School Focused Youth Services Program". This program "supports young people with complex needs or emerging mental health issues to remain engaged in learning". It's key strength is explained as being "a holistic community approach with the development of strong local partner ... Read more »

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Councils are currently required to prepare a 4 year plan within 6 months of a general election or June 30, whichever is later.

Councils don't like this type of pressure. They want 12 months to develop their plan. ... Read more »

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The councils do not want to pay for the cost litigation at VCAT. They say, "The impost of the current cost to Victorian Local Government in defending such litigation is lifted from the sector" (page 1013, minutes)

Do you know that local cou ... Read more »

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Did you know that when a large development takes place, such as a high density dwelling or other large development, the council takes what is called a 'development contribution' from the land developer. This can be a large amount of money and it is meant to pay for things the council will need to provide for all the additional people who will come to live in Man ... Read more »

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This is a very good example of the wasteful and arrogant way in which our council operates.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is concerned about the increasing cost of the national census. Good on them!  ... Read more »

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May I ask a question of those who have children at high school or at university? Where do your children go when they need information? Do they go to a library and look up information in books using the card index or do they go to the internet and do a Google search?

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Please read the revised Manningham Nature Strip Policy and Nature Strip Planting Guidelines and Information Sheets for 2015. The draft version can be found in the full minutes of the 31 March 2015 council meeting, starting at page 483.

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At the 25 January 2015 meeting, Manningham council presented their draft 'Fraud & Corruption Control Plan' and 'Fraud & Corruption Policy'

Both these documents are quite good and go a long way to ident ... Read more »

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Manningham Council is very reluctant to listen to things they do not like. When they hear something they don't like, Manningham council does what they are required to do, i.e. publish the residents submissions/comments but they stop right there and take the issue no further.
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